Most people think that Agra is only about the Taj Mahal, but it is not. Undoubtedly, The Taj Mahal is the most famous place in the city, but there are many more places to visit here after you are done visiting the Taj.

There are some unique and worthwhile places to visit in the city that are remnants of the Mughal era and are bound to surprise you with their vibrancies, colourful ness and rich architecture inspired from the Mughal and Persian blend of masonry and craftsmanship. You can also experience unique village life around the city and be one with nature’s pristine beauty.

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Here are some places to visit on your trip to Agra:

Agra Fort


Agra Fort

Agra Fort is one of the Mughal architecture’s finest forts in India. It was originally built as a brick fort and was held by a clan of mighty Rajputs. However, it captured and rebuilt by the Mughal under the rule of Emperor Akbar, who had decided to shift his capital from Delhi there in the year 1558.

The fort houses many buildings inside like massive mosques, public and private restrooms and audience halls, sprawling palaces, watch towers, and gardened courtyards. The evening sound and light show at the fort is a must-watch since it attempts to recreate the Fort’s vast history.

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Memtabh Bagh


Memtabh Bagh

You can visit the “The Moonlight Garden” of India called the Memtabh Bagh and also catch a glimpse of the Taj Mahal complex from this garden. The entire garden is spread over a mind-boggling 25 acre space and is situated opposite to the Taj. It was built before the Taj was built and used to be the resting grounds for Emperor Babur (the founder of the Mughal Empire). The gardens are open for public visit until sunset every day.

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The Taj Nature Walk



Separate yourself from the bustling crowds and enjoy the Taj Mahal’s surroundings that are covered with flora and fauna. This walk starts from about 500 metres of the east gate of the Taj right on the Fatehabad Road. This forest reserve sports four photo points that are mainly 20-foot high watchtowers where photographers can sit for hours and click beautiful pictures of the Taj and its surroundings. The walk in itself is a long 9-kilometre walking trail in which you can visualize the Taj Mahal under various settings.

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This 1-kilometre walk is part of Uttar Pradesh government and CURE’s (Center for Urban and Regional Excellence) initiative to help promote tourism in the poverty-stricken Kachhpura village on the opposite side of the Taj Mahal. The complex houses many lesser-known monuments of the Mughal era that are still encompassed within a rural setting. Interacting with the village community, enjoying their delicious food and enjoying some fabulous views of the Taj Mahal will enrapture you for sure!

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